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MB Sturgis 100019-24 POL(Prest-O-Lite) x 1/4 Inch Inverted Flare - 24'' Pigtail
Use the MB Sturgis POL(Prest-O-Lite) x 1/4 Inch Inverted Flare to connect a dual LP Cylinder system to the Two-Stage Regulator. The POL tank connection allows a higher flow of gas than the Type 1. Needed when by-pass issues arise due to a high demand for LP gas from the RV appliances.
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Read our full article "https://www.rvupgradestore.com/MB-Sturgis-POL-x-1-4-Inch-Inverted-Flare-24-Inch-p/69-6601.htm" which goes in depth on this topic.
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